Basic Business Set-Up

The business and tax part requires a lot of gumption. Unless you pay someone, nobody is going to hand you a list and say this is what you need, do them in this order and you'll be an official company and everything will be legal. This phase was the cherry on top of the frustration sunday and pushed me over the edge into an evening of uncontrollable sobbing. DBA registration > DBA publication > LLC registration > EIN registration > CA Seller's Permit > CA Resale Certificate > San Diego business license > home occupation permit > CA tax income forms > limited liability insurance > accounting software > credit card processing > sales tax > shipping accounts- And link it all to the bank account and the website so that it works flawlessly... holy shit. I am just one person. Like I said, uncontrollable sobbing. I cried myself to sleep and then woke up and got after it again. I am still not finished, and I am waiting on my permits, but I know what I need to do once I get them and I have all the forms halfway filled out already so that's good. I'll just say, you have to really want to start a business in order to get it off the ground, no one will do it for you. I did find some sanity saving resources online eventually. One is the small business administration and the other is; both free online resources that have most if not all of the answers. I only wish I had discovered them sooner.