Giving Back

If given the option between 2 identical products at the same price point, but one company donates to a cause that I support- I choose the company who donates. Duh. If given the option between 2 identical products, one is much less, but the other company donates - I still choose the company who donates. Sometimes I will buy a product just because they donate, because it makes me feel good. I have canvases and framed works stashed in my closet and behind all large furniture; I could rotate my walls like a gallery. I have no space left but I keep buying art because I love supporting artists. And I love supporting companies who give back. I have a t-shirt that says 'puppies for president'. I'm not a big words on my shirt, 'read me' kind of chick, and the one time I wore it in public I regretted it immediately because it attracted attention. I bought it to sleep in and I don't need anymore shirts to sleep in, but it's really soft and the company donates to animal rescue organizations.  

Giving back 10% is really nothing but it's a great incentive for buyers and it will make me feel like I'm contributing. I hope to increase the percentage as my company grows and become not just a donator but a partner with many organizations. 

10% is a good place to start and I am sharing the love between 2 great organizations because I just couldn't choose. Surfrider Foundation - protecting the beaches and water. And, Healthy Seas- cleaning the waters of marine litter. Both badass organizations getting it done. Check them out: