Trims and Sourcing Suppliers

The most frustrating part of this whole process has been sourcing suppliers for all of my bikini trims. I wish there was a one stop shop for hooks, rings and sliders, wires, and all the different elastics, but there is no such thing. Someone might carry all of it but it's not all going to be what you want or at the price point you need. Intensive research and patience and determination are definitely required. So many rude suppliers who act like they don't want your business. I discovered that either my quantities were too small or the fact that I am not an established business yet means that I am so not worth their time. Several instances of 'yeah, yeah, we'll have so-n-so call you back', 'yeah, we'll get a catalog out to you asap', 'yeah, we'd be happy to send you samples'. All music to my ears but all said only to get me off the phone, no call back, no catalog, no samples received. And, calling them again doesn't get you anywhere because they've already decided to put you on their 'you're too new and pathetic for us' blacklist. I tried at least 30 different suppliers. Emailing and calling until someone responds and then just sitting and waiting to see if they actually follow through on sending me anything. The way that most of these companies do customer service or lack there of, you would think that they are just so successful that they don't need your business, but that cannot possibly be true. Eventually I got enough suppliers to send out samples and found all the trims that I needed.