Identifying a Problem

Bikini shopping is thankless. I have been losing the battle against trying to find a bikini top that is supportive and also has enough coverage so that I can actually move without falling out of it. Most brands provide very few styles that have either let alone both and the styles that do offer both are essentially full coverage sports bras made from swim fabric. Bikini tops should look like swimwear not muumuus, so I find myself settling for support OR coverage. In order to get the coverage that I need, I have to buy a larger size. But in standard sizing, when you go larger, everything gets larger, including the support band under the bust. Now I have the coverage, but no support because the band is loose. The typical triangle string bikini is the only top I can buy larger and make tight enough under the bust. But the string bikini slides around and requires constant adjusting not to mention how uncomfortable it is to have a knot digging into your back and neck. There is nothing sexy about watching a woman fuss with herself and constantly adjust her clothing. Truly sexy is effortless and easy.