Be the Solution

Identifying a problem in the market doesn't get you anywhere unless you decide to be the solution, so I began chatting with women about their own bikini buying experiences. What do you loath, what do you love, what is missing? There are many women with my support vs coverage dilemma, and the tied string bikini is out. 

So, ditching the strings is a must. But ditching the strings makes the suit non-adjustable which will alienate too many people, so it has to be a fixed adjustable. This will maximize comfort and allow each person to adjust to their own measurements and also keep the suit in place. But, a fixed adjustable means trims and trims cost money: s-hooks for the underbust band and rings and sliders for the shoulder straps. It's not that other brands have never thought about it. They're just cheap or greedy or it's not important to them. Well, it is important to me and I'm willing to pay more to have a better product that actually fits.  I decided that what I really need to do is design bikini tops that have the fixed adjustable band that are sized differently all together. What if the band fits bra sizes 32-36 since they are the most common and then just increase the coverage? So the band stays the same sizes small through x-large but then the cup or amount of fabric/coverage increases as the sizes get bigger. So a small is a 32-36 A/B and an x-large is a 32-36 D/DD. YES!

Bikini bottoms are a much simpler product but they still have many flaws. Bottoms are usually too low. Having a butt can be the problem, but even thong and cheeky bottoms, which should be unaffected by butt size, are still too low. An inch or more in the front and back is definitely called for. Low-rise is so 90's and it chops up the body disproportionately. Also, most bikini bottoms are straight across on the top. This means that the strap of the bikini is hitting the body in that sort of fat pocket between the hip and waist bones. Even if you are in great shape this can be and unfortunate place to have a stretchy item squeeze in. The muffin top is not a good look and is inevitable with this placement. Curving that line upward on the sides, so that the straps sit on the waist bone and not in the pocket is a must. This also will create the illusion of a longer leg. Who doesn't like long legs?